Gadget Trends In 2023

2023 is already delivering some marvellous tech and gadgets – and there’s plenty more to come. So what are the areas of advancement? This year sees certain trends come to the fore as tech companies grapple to be the first and best in the fields that they suspect will be popular.

Here’s a look at what’s hot and happening in the world of tech right now.

The metaverse finally takes off

The metaverse – or advanced virtual worlds – might have had a slow beginning, but it’s becoming more widely used than before. The real driver in this field? It’s businesses who are looking to use VR to hold virtual meetings and set up virtual offices. And tech companies are happy to investigate. Spurred on by this, the VR gaming world that we’re already familiar with is improving in leaps and bounds. You can get ready for the inevitable change to how we work, and to a degree, live, with the Meta Quest Pro. It’s a new, high spec VR headset, which aims to aid mixed-reality collaboration in both work and play.

Robots will do our chores

Remember when those robot vacuum cleaners used to bump around someone’s room picking up…not that much really? Well, things have moved on. This year robotic cleaners will enter a new phase and start doing more than just the odd bit of vacuuming. Dyson have announced they aim to release a robot to help with household chores – including doing the dishes – by 2030. There are more imminent advancements in domestic robot helpers too.

iRobot are the leaders in the field of robot vacuums, and their new Roomba j7 + not only does the vacuuming, it also mops your floors. The smart technology in the Roomba j7 + senses when it comes into contact with carpet and the mop simply moves out of the way to allow the robot to vacuum only. Then when it’s back on tiles or wooden flooring, the mop gets to work again. Welcome to the future eh?

We’ll check our own health at home

Our desire for health checkers has grown over the last few years, with smart watches now doing a lot more than just counting our steps – they can check our blood pressure and heart rate too. But in 2023, we’ll have access to even more at-home health aids. For example, if you have trouble sleeping, you can now buy an AI powered brain band that can prime your brain for sleep, and give you a detailed sleep report.

Also, you might already be familiar with the Withings smart scales. They do more than your regular bathroom scales, and help with your weight management goals too. Now they’ve unveiled their latest health tech gadget, and they’re inviting you to pee all over it. The U Scan is an at home urine lab that you stick in your toilet. It gives you indicators of changes to your pee, telling you how hydrated you are, if your pee is too acidic, and your levels of vitamin C.

We’ll use AI assistants daily

This is the year AI will go from being on the periphery of our lives to a central part of it. The lighting-fast advances in Chat GPT means it’s possible to get rich and detailed information when we need it. And more and more, similarly high IQ artificial intelligence is powering our gadgets and software too. From language learning and translation gadgets to voice assistants that can interact with us seamlessly, expect to see this arena bloom in 2023.


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