Where To Head In August

The peak of holiday season, August is when the sun shines and suitcases are packed ready to whisk the family away somewhere hot, or saunter around a city taking in the sights. Many holiday destinations get busy in August as everyone wants to make the most of the weather and the school holidays. But with so much choice in where to go, it’s easy to find a location that’s right for you.

Europe enjoys its moment in the sun in August, and as always, the coastlines of Spain and Portugal become irresistible to Brits looking to lay on a beach and swim in the sea. But further afield, in Asia, South America and in lesser visited parts of Europe, it’s possible to find bargains and quiet corners with few other visitors.

Here are our favourite places to jet off to in August.

Split, Croatia

If you don’t want to travel too far, but you don’t want the crowed beaches of Greece or Spain, and you want it hot and sunny, Croatia is a good alternative. It’s cooler in northern destinations like Istria, but the south has everything you’d dream of in a European coastal holiday. It can reach up to 30C in August with up to ten hours of sunshine a day, but it’s not as crowded as most European hot spots.

Split is a coastal city set around its harbour, though it also offers some idyllic beaches. Note that these beaches are mainly pebble and stone rather than soft sand. But leave the bucket and spade at home, grab some swim shoes, and you’ll find the waters are as clear as glass as the pebbles creates less sediment in the sea.

Northeast Sri Lanka

Although August sees rain in the southwest portion of Sri Lanka, in the northeast it’s all blue skies and sunshine. But because part of the country is rainy, this month is relatively free of the hustle and bustle of high tourist season, and you can also get some great deals. That makes August a great time to check out this beautiful country that’s full of cultural and natural wonders – and flavourful cuisine.

Want to get out on the water? Take a boat trip to look for blue whales, as it’s possible to see them at this time of year in the north. Or check out Arugam Bay if you like surfing – this time of year sees especially good surf. If that sounds too active, feel free to just kick back and enjoy the quiet beaches.

Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador is a small country and unlike other south American countries, fairly quiet and reasonably priced for visitors, even in August.

This month is Ecuador’s driest, and a visit to the rainforest means you can experience all of its glory without a downpour. Or head to the capital city, Quito. It’s a sprawling settlement lounging between mountains, and has a lovely 16th century old town that’s worth exploring: it’s the largest and best-preserved old town on the entire continent. For those who like to get immersive, it’s easy to mingle with locals and live life like an Ecuadorian.

Julian Alps, Slovenia

Like the rest of the Alps, The Julian Alps in Slovenia are mostly visited in winter – so summer is a brilliant time to visit if you’re not into skiing. Lake Bled is stunning in the August sun, and the area is a peaceful alternative to the small and chic Adriatic coast of the country. If you want some adventure, have a go at climbing the area’s tallest mountain, Mount Triglav, or take to the river on a kayak. It’s a stunningly beautiful part of the country that you’ll be able to adore in relative tranquillity.

Brussels, Belgium

You might be thinking everywhere in Europe will be busy in August, especially capital cities, and while that’s largely true, there are still tempting reasons to visit in peak season. Brussels is popular all year long, so why not visit when it’s warm and the sun is shining? August is also when the city holds its Flower Carpet. In the very centre of the city, more than half a million flowers form a carpet laid right out across the square. It’s a magical, once-a-year spectacle made even more vibrant by the gothic architecture that surrounds it.


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