Where To Head In November

Once the clocks go back, there’s no getting away from it: we’re entering the depths of winter for another year. There’s plenty to be said for getting all cosy at home, but for those searching for sunshine or a break from the norm, travel provides the perfect answer.

It doesn’t have to mean a long haul trip (although far away destinations with proper holiday heat definitely have appeal). It could also mean a quick Euro getaway to relax on a beach, or a European cultural break where there’s loads to discover. For a range of escapes, here are our choices for a November break. Which one would you go for?

Cinque Terre, Italy

Off-season is the perfect chance to visit attractions that are usually too busy to enjoy in high season, and Cinque Terre should be top of that list. Found in northern Italy on the Ligurian coast, the five towns of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore are neighbouring places of brightly coloured hotch-potch houses steeply built within the cliff walls. There’s a reason that together, they’re on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list: they ooze unique history and charm. And once you’re there, there’s so much Italian goodness (the wine, the food, the beaches…) to enjoy. In November, expect less tourists – and less cruise ships that dock and immediately double the size of the visiting population! Instead you can enjoy the place in a more relaxed way, and there’s reasonable temps of 15C too. As long as it’s not raining, you’ll have an ace time exploring the nooks and crannies of each town.

Bali, Indonesia

For a far-flung getaway that will form a core memory, head to the paradise archipalego of Indonesia. November is the perfect time to go – it’s in a window between the peak season and the rainiest months of December, January, February and March. Do expect some showers, but these will be in s4edchort bursts. So as long as you’re able to duck for cover, it shouldn’t affect your adventures. Bali is a place of natural beauty, with incredible diving opportunities, world-class sugary beaches, magnificent volcanoes and gushing waterfalls. But it also has a vibrant nightlife and a fascinating culture to indulge in. So whether you’re in search of a spiritual reconnection or a full-on travel experience, Bali is a top choice.

Gran Canaria, Spain

If it’s a blitz of sun that’s needed in November, there are few more practical destinations than Gran Canaria. The Spanish island is a bargain in November compared to its peak over summer. And at 22C on average, the weather is still nice and mild. Sure, you might need a jumper when you go to the many bars and restaurants on offer, but it’s a darn sight warmer than home. When it comes to activities, the island is rich with different landscapes and experiences. City slickers can stay in the capital of Las Palmas and make the most of its bustling feel. Or if you prefer, hit one of the many beaches – black lava or classic white sand? The choice is yours. There are also amazing hiking trails within its mountainous landscape. If you hear the cliché ‘there’s something for everyone’ said about Gran Canaria, it’s because it’s true.


Barbados is a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, but maybe it’s time to start taking things off the bucket list and putting them into action. The balmy beaches of Barbados are certainly there to tempt you. In November, conditions are divine for a bit of Caribbean sunbathing. Expect temperatures of 25-29C. And long-haired people of the world rejoice: humidity is down from the peak summer months, so you can keep the frizz under control!

Munich, Germany

There are always plenty of things to do in Germany at any time of the year, but November in Munich is an exciting time. It’s when the Christmas (are we allowed to say that word yet? Too late…) markets get going, plus all the seasonal festivities that go with it. For example, the Tollwood Winter Festival, known as Munich’s ‘alternative Christmas market’, kicks off on November 23rd, bringing with it a run of music, dance, circus shows, live performances and cabaret. There are plenty of organic food stalls and bars too – so you can get your Glühwein fix. If a circus is your thing, you’ll also love the Circus Roncalli tent. Pitched in Munich until 12 November, it’s there to wow you with daring acrobatics, pumping music, fabulous light shows, clowning and amazing performance art.


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