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Why Switched On Insurance?

Flexible, fair, great value insurance products with fantastic customer service as standard. That's it.

All of our insurance products are designed to be flexible, simple and fair. We understand that lifestyles have changed and so must insurance. Our insurance offering has evolved, has yours?

When buying a Switched On Insurance policy you are buying a promise that we will make the claim process as simple as possible. We will not hide behind complicated wordings and we will ensure that you are always in control.

Furthermore, our ambition to evolve insurance through the use of technology means that our policies are also fantastic value. We have made our processes more efficient and removed administration expenses. Allowing us to pass that on in the form of great pricing and even better benefits.

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Changing Lifestyles

Switched On Insurance has evolved to keep up with your changing lifestyle.

We travel more, own more expensive gadgets and we have become dependent on our tech. It is therefore essential that our insurance changes at the same pace.

At Switched On Insurance we offer subscription-based payment terms and unique bundled offerings, meaning that you have the flexibility to adjust your cover as required. Without the commitment or finance charges that are still commonplace in the insurance market.

In this fast-based, time poor world we have done our best to make our policies simple and easy to use. No complicated policy terms or convoluted claims process. Instead we offer clear and fair policies, that are easy to understand and even easy to purchase or amend.

With a Switched On Insurance travel or gadget policy you are able to claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wherever you are in the world you can rest assured that you, your loved ones and your essential tech is fully protected.

Truly Switched On Insurance for switched on people.