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Q. My flight has been cancelled – what should I do?

When an airline cancels a flight you are entitled to certain refunds and compensation from the airline.

We ask that before you contact us in relation to costs arising from the recent spate of flight cancellations that you first directly approach your airline, tour operator or packaged holiday organiser.

If you are unable to get a refund or compensation from any of the above companies and you paid for your trip with a credit card you may also be able to recover your costs through section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act or via a 'chargeback claim'.

Please be aware that our claims team is currently handling a large volume of calls and cases and we would appreciate your patience as there may be a delay in responding to calls or claims submitted.

Our 24-hour medical emergency helpline remains open and operating as normal, but we would politely remind customers that this line should only be used for medical emergencies when travelling.

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Q. I’m currently overseas and my scheduled return flight has been cancelled. Can you extend my cover?

We can extend your cover for an initial period of 72 hours, but this only applies if you accept the first return flight that you are offered. Please also be aware that an additional premium may be payable. Should you find that you need to extend your cover for more than 72 hours please contact our team on 0330 041 2880 as soon as possible.

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Q. I have additional accommodation and travel expenses due to my flight being cancelled. Who should I claim this back from?

If you wish to claim for any additional expenses that you have incurred because you are stranded overseas due to your flight being cancelled, in the first instance you must contact your airline, tour operator or other carrier to obtain compensation to cover these additional costs.

This is covered by the EU Regulation No. 261/2004 and more information on it can be found at:

If you paid for your trip by credit card you may also be able to recover your costs through section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act or via a 'chargeback claim'.

More information about consumer rights can be found by visiting the Citizens Advice Bureau website or the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO):

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Q. I have a question regarding your policies and COVID-19.

To find out more about our cover and COVID-19 please visit our dedicated FAQs here.

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Q. Should I choose an Annual Multi Trip Policy?

If you are taking more than one trip a year, an Annual Multi-Trip policy may be more suitable. This covers you for multiple trips within the destination area you have chosen during a 12 month period for up to 62 days or 92 days depending on the level of cover you select.

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Q. What is a Backpacker Policy?

The Backpacker policy is great if you're out of the country for a long period of time. This policy provides cover for trips lasting up to 547 days.

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Q. Where can I get information on any country I plan to visit?

You can get help from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website, which offers a wealth of travel advice, tips and up-to-date, information on most countries.

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Q. I have (or have had) medical problems, will my insurance cover this?

Our policies can cover many medical conditions. We offer a medical screening process, and this will tell you whether claims for your existing medical condition will be covered. Some conditions may mean you have to pay a bit more to make sure you're fully covered.

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Q. I want to take a break for over 6 weeks, will this be covered under your annual policy?

Yes. Our annual insurance allows up to 62 days for any one trip if you choose Standard or Premium cover, or up to 92 days if you select Ultimate cover.

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Q. I live with my partner, but we're not married, are we still eligible for a family policy?

Yes, we can cover you and up to 5 of your children with a family policy. If it's just the two of you, please select a couple policy.

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Q. I'm a single parent, do I have to pay the full family price?

No, our pricing is based on who the policy covers.

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Q. My child is 18, will they be covered under a family policy?

Our Family policies cover your children aged 17 and under. If your child is 18 or over you can purchase a policy in their own name or purchase a Group policy that can cover you all.

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Q. Is there anything I won't be covered for?

There are some exclusions which are detailed fully in the policy wording. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Travelling against medical advice or to obtain medical treatment;
  • Pre-existing medical conditions that haven't been agreed by us;
  • Hazardous sports or activities that haven't been agreed by us;
  • Pregnancy or childbirth, if the due date is less than 12 weeks (16 weeks for a multiple birth) after the end of the trip;
  • Theft from unattended vehicles in some circumstances;
  • Loss or theft of baggage not reported to the police within 24 hours or as soon as possible after that; and
  • Flying, except as a fare-paying passenger in a licensed passenger carrying aircraft

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Q. How will my policy documents be sent to me?

Your policy documents can be downloaded from this site on completion of your purchase and will also be emailed to you. If you'd prefer to receive a paper copy of your policy documents, please email:

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