Our Favourite Crowdfunded Gadgets – March 2020

This month, we’ve spotted some inspirational new gadgets on the crowdfunding sites. If you’re a fan of all things tech-related, here’s a round-up of our favourites.

Nello – A smart control for your intercom

nello intercom
Photo Credit: Nello

Nello makes getting into your home a whole lot simpler. The device smartly detects your phone as you approach your front door or gate, then automatically opens it for you. This is incredibly useful if you’ve got your hands full of shopping.

It also means that keys become a thing of the past. You can control your door or gate remotely, via the Nello app. Simply press a button on your phone, and you can let your family and friends in your house, even if you’re somewhere completely different.

Nello is not only useful for the average home-owner, it’s handy for Airbnb landlords too. Guests can be given access to their holiday home, without the landlord even having to leave the comfort of their sofa.

Unsurprisingly, this inventive device smashed its 50,000 EU goal (it’s currently on well over 100,000 EU). Get in quick if you’d like to get involved with the campaign.

Shuttergrip – taking better photos when out and about

Photo Credit: Just Mobile

Taking photos with your smartphone can be tricky. Often, your thumb gets in the way, or you accidentally drop it while you’re trying to get the perfect angle.

Shuttergrip is the solution to the problem. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled device that fits around your phone (using an adjustable bracket), and can be used to take both portrait and landscape pictures. The clever tilt mechanism lets you spin the screen, and it even has a built-in selfie arm.

The campaign was hugely successful, raising ten times its initial goal. It finished on close to 4,000 backers, and the product should be available to buy in the near future.

SkyTrek – a smarter luggage system

SkyTrek luggage
Photo Credit: SkyTrek Luggage

If you’re serious about travelling smart, you’ll want to check out this vertical-opening suitcase from SkyTrek. It comes with a whole array of clever features, like a removable battery (which is stored under the pop-out handle), quick-access front pockets to keep your tablet or laptop in, and a fingerprint lock for added security.

That’s not all though. There are customisable shelves inside, which can be used to keep clothing neat and tidy. The further zip-up compartments are suitable for storing toiletries, chargers, or valuable items.

This innovative suitcase is now in the prototype phase, having reached and exceeded its original target. Hopefully, it’ll be available to purchase at some point in 2020.

Vmate – the palm-sized gimbal camera

Vmate camera
Photo Credit: Snoppa Technology

Snoppa Vmate is a tiny, 4K smart camera, which comes complete with a 3-axis stabilising system. That means not only is it lightweight and easy to carry, but it’s also able to take high quality photos and videos, without requiring any additional equipment.

Thanks to the stabilising functionality, all footage is completely smooth and shake-free. It also has an auto-focus feature, and an easy-to-use touchscreen display. The Wi-Fi connectivity makes it simple to download files, or to share with friends and family.

Vmate hit its target with 4,770 backers, and has completed its production phase. That means the first cameras are already being shipped out, and hopefully it should be available to the general public soon.

ShiftCam lens – a wide lens for your smartphone

ShiftCam Lens
Photo Credit: ShiftCam

If you love taking professional-quality photos, but don’t want to lug around lots of heavy camera equipment, this gadget is for you. ShiftCam’s lens has DSLR capabilities, acting as a wide-angle lens for your smartphone, and turning every photo into a sophisticated shot.

It enables users to capture 300% more than before, with a 122° angle. The nano-coating on the lens means that every image is crystal-clear, regardless of whether you’re taking close-ups or longer distance photos.

ShiftCam received over $288k in backing during the campaign, and are now hard at work bringing the product to market. Watch this space.

SmartMike – the mic for content creators

SmartMike wireless microphone
Photo Credit: SmartMike

This tiny portable microphone is a must-have for vloggers. Weighing in at just 14g, SmartMike works with both your smartphone and DSLR, and autosyncs with videos in real-time.

It’s not just limited to vloggers – anyone looking to record sound, remix, or do a voice-over will find this useful. The mic simply clicks to the person wishing to be recorded, then links wirelessly with your smartphone or camera. There’s also no need for post-editing, which means videos can be posted on social media quickly and easily.

The campaign won the attention of over 2,800 backers, and raised just over $333k. SmartMike is in the production stage, and should be ready for sale soon.