Where in London is the Best and Worst for Mobile Phone Theft?

Do you live in London or in the surrounding area? If so, you’ll want to read about phone theft in the capital.

Crime rates are always higher in cities, and nowhere in the UK is this truer than London. Some areas have been hit worse by smartphone theft than others, and unsurprisingly, touristy zones are real hotspots for criminal activity. In short, you may want to use your phone to snap some shots of iconic landmarks, but be aware who’s watching you while you’re doing it!

Busy locations aren’t the only places where your phone is at risk. It’s all too easy for thieves to slip the device out of your coat pocket, or swipe it from your café table as they pass. Thefts carried out by criminals on scooters are on the rise too, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings when you’re talking on the phone, or texting.

If you live in London, or are planning to visit in the future, the infographic below may well be useful. It highlights the levels of mobile phone crime in locations across the capital, and details the different methods thieves use to pinch your handset.

There are, of course, plenty of things you can do to keep your phone safe when you’re there. Don’t leave your device on display, or in an open pocket (in your coat, trousers or bag). When you’re using it, don’t forget to glance upwards regularly, to ensure you’re not about to fall foul of a phone theft attempt. And of course, insuring your smartphone makes good financial sense.

Here’s the lowdown on mobile phone theft in London, so you’re well prepared when you’re in the capital.

London Smartphone Theft Statistics - Infographic

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