Where To Go In June

June hits a sweet spot for travellers as it’s hot and sunny in many destinations, but not yet as busy as July and August. So you can still get some bargainous deals before the school holidays start – and you know you’re going to get a good spot by the pool!

Many destinations are just waking up after the quieter spring season, so shop shutters will be up, activities will be restarted, and there’s a sense of discovery as we all get back in the swing of things for the year. Choose between quiet destinations that won’t be at full throttle till July, and bustling city destinations where everything comes to life once more.

Whatever you’re looking for, June is a great time to travel. Here’s our pick of where to go in this early summer month.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia has fast-risen to become a solid alternative to Italy. And Dubrovnik, the city at its very south, is its pearl. This medieval walled city has the best of both worlds: a busy city with a lot of life, and a coastline that shines in June. Temperatures can reach as high as 27c in June, though with a gentle sea breeze it’s likely to still feel pleasant. And it’s only two and a half hours from the UK, so easy to nip to for a quick getaway.

The best way to view Dubrovnik is walking the walls. It takes around two hours, but the views are rewarding and you’ll get some incredible photo opportunities. Thanks to its intact historical buildings, the city is often used as a filming location. If you’re a fan of Star Wars and Game of Thrones, you can stand right where your favourite actors filmed their iconic scenes.

The Amalfi Coast, Italy

The expansive beauty of the Amalfi Coast can’t be disputed, but at the height of summer it does get very busy. In June there’s some wiggle room in the streets and you can wander these hillside villages in peace. The temperatures can reach up to 27c and don’t go beneath 22c, so you’re guaranteed sunshine and warmth in those cute little fishing bay beaches. If you like it quiet, head to the classic small Italian fishing village of Cetara. Less busy than its bigger rivals, Amalfi and Positano, it’s a bit of a hidden gem. Make sure you try the tuna here – Cetara is famous for its amazing tuna dishes.

Rhodes, Greece

This Greek island favourite can get overwhelmingly hot in the summer months at 30c and above, and if that’s a little too much heat for you, June is a better time to visit. At a more comfortable 27c the island is perfect for enjoying those beautiful beaches, and it’s easier to get around in this quieter month. However, there’s also enough to see and do in Rhodes to keep active. Start with the Palace of the Grand Master, and make sure you enjoy some of the incredible Greek food on offer in the new town. Also don’t miss a trip to Lindos to see the Acropolis. In the height of summer this historic attraction is heaving with tourists, but in June you’ll be able to take a little more time for your visit.

Boston, USA

June is an ideal time to visit America’s ‘walking city’. Temperatures hover around 25c, which is perfect for ambling around the streets and enjoying the sights. But the main reason June is such a great time to go is it’s when the city’s many street festivals, concerts and sporting events really get going. Boston has more of a community feel to it than many American cities, and in June you’ll find Bostonians outside, enjoying the convivial atmosphere. To explore further afield, it’s also the ideal time for some whale watching.


Yes, June is Fiji’s winter time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great time to go – in fact after a couple of years stifling our wanderlust, it’s the ideal time to visit this remote archipelago. You’ll find the water is much clearer at this time of year, so you’re more likely to get an unforgettable snorkelling or diving experience. Even if you just take a gentle boat ride, you’ll find you can see much more though the turquoise water at this time of year. Also, temperatures can reach up to 29c in June, so it’s manageably warm. Fiji reopened to visitors last December. Currently, as long as you’re vaccinated, have COVID-covering travel insurance and get a professionally-administered test on arrival, you’re welcome in.


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