Where To Head In July

July is a busy and brilliant month for travellers. As the school holidays begin, families can’t wait to jet off to somewhere hot and sunny – and there are plenty of options for just that. There’s no need to worry about activities and events being at half-speed either – in July everything is in full swing.

The main thing to remember is that popular destinations can be hectic (and fully booked!) during this peak month. But while many of us adore the buzz of a busy holiday, it’s still possible to find somewhere a little more tucked away and quiet. So whether you want a beach holiday with the kids or to discover a peaceful corner of paradise, here are the best places to head to in July.

Provence, France

There are few places in the world that offer a natural wonder once a year, and Provence is one of those rare destinations. July is the time to experience the world-famous sight of its lavender fields. A sea of purple will waft in the breeze, hazily evoking the paintings of a thousand painters who’ve seen and tried to convey its beauty. Coincide your trip with the middle of the month to partake in Bastille Day, the day of French national celebration. Firework displays, parades, and a general festival feeling will be found in the French countryside in addition to nearby Nice. Also, if you’re a cycling fan or just have a passing interest, July is when the Tour de France takes place – travel a little further out to witness this major sporting event.

The East Fjords, Iceland

While it’s unlikely you’ll choose a trip to Iceland for the weather, this Scandinavian country is at its warmest in July. At a pleasant 14C, it’s the ideal time to discover this unique country. It helps that the sun barely sets in July, which alone makes it a great time to visit. Plus it’s the best time for whale watching, which you can do on the east coast of the island. If it’s still a little too chilly for you, take a dip in the Djúpavogskörin hot springs – it’s a toasty 42C all year round, and offers a sweeping view of Iceland’s untouched landscapes.

Newfoundland, Canada

July is a great time to visit Canada as the climate warms up, even in the north. Head to Newfoundland for pleasant temperatures of 19C, and you can visit the area in comfort. It’s a nice time to explore the capital of St. John’s, or wander around the area’s wild and rugged landscape. It’s also a great time for kayaking or walking the rocky coastline and spotting whales and puffins. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the small fish of capelin come ashore to spawn in July. The pebbly beach is suddenly filled with these fish, and although gulls circle, it’s Newfoundlanders who rush to catch themselves some of this natural bounty. As its popularity grows, it’s become a kind of pop-up festival – and one that’s open to all.

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

If you like it hot, you’ll love Mexico in July. Temperatures can reach up to 30C, though it’s not unheard of for a light sprinkling of summer rain to fall in the evenings, bringing a more comfortable night. The Yucatan Peninsula includes the Mayan wonder that is Chicen-Itza and the turquoise-watered beach resort of Cancun. Here in July, hundreds of whale sharks gather off shore to enjoy those beaches for themselves. This heralds the annual Whale Shark Festival. You can enjoy gazing at these majestic creatures, or the brave-hearted can even mingle with them in the sea. Swimming with the wildlife is done ethically, in small groups, and you’ll never be disturbing them if you follow your guides.

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