Destinations Where The Pound Goes Far

With everyone being a little more careful with their outgoings, it’s inevitable we’ll have budget on the mind when we’re picking our next holiday destination. Happily for our cost-conscious selves, there are easy savings to be gained in places where the currency goes in our favour.

Where the pound sterling has shot up in comparison to the local currency, it’s a no-hassle way to get our holiday funds to stretch much further – think of it as free money, simply because the markets are doing their thing!

If you’re looking for a destination where a little holiday savings go that bit further, here’s where the pound stretches far.


Of any country in the world, the pound sterling has performed most strongly against the Argentinian Peso. While not ideal for the Latin American country, it at least means it’s time to consider going if it’s destination you want to visit once if your life, and they’re keen for tourists to come and help prop up the local economy. From the famous Iguazú Falls to the chilly wonder of Argentinian Patagonia, Argentina has a wealth of choice that matches its size. Back in March 2020, £1 would buy you 74 pesos – and now that’s gone up to 240 pesos. So while the flights will cost a pretty penny and the economy is a little shaky, once you’ve touched down, you can expect your daily budget to stay modest. To make the most of this window, get a-booking soon.


Egypt is enjoying a bit of a tourist boom – no doubt because the pause in travel meant we returned keen to visit must-see attractions that always put off. Based on current figures, Egypt expects to welcome a massive 15 million visitors this year –making it its busiest year on record. Tying in nicely with this exciting time, the pound sterling has doubled against the Egyptian pound within a couple of years. That means you can touch down in Cairo and visit the pyramids, one of the ancient seven wonders of the world, before heading down the River Nile perhaps – a cruise between Luxor and Aswan takes in all the temples of the New Kingdom.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has finally come through the other side after being struck by the triple blow of Covid, political unrest and economic troubles. In the first three months of 2023, enough travellers picked Sri Lanka as their destination of choice that they’re now preparing for 2 million visitors in 2023, rather than the 1.5 million initially expected. Those who make the journey to this tropical island will be treated to sizzling climates, gorgeous secluded beaches, and a fascinating culture that’s often overshadowed by its more populous neighbour of India. Another boon: their economy has become much more stable in the last year, but you can still get almost twice as much Sri Lankan Rupees for your pound sterling than in 2020, meaning you’ll be able to spend more – and help the local economy.


Japan is usually known as a pricey destination for tourists, but there’s a glimmer of something different as the Yen has dropped. In March 2020, you’d get 130 Yen for every pound. Now, you’ll get 161 Yen. Yes, things have become a little more expensive there, but the currency exchange should work in our favour – whether you’re visiting to see the urban jungle of Tokyo, finding out its dark history in Hiroshima, or enjoying the adventure of Hokkaido. In any of these places, there’s plenty of interesting things to spend that extra money on. Grow your Hello Kitty collection, buy cool electronics, or even just indulge in their renowned cuisine – you won’t find better sushi, ramen or yakitori anywhere in the world.


It’s up to you if you’re drawn to Mauritius because of its impossibly orange sunsets, melting pot culture or affordable luxury, but this Indian Ocean island has it all in abundance. As it makes a slow recovery from the pause in tourism, £1 buys you 57 Mauritian Rupees, compared to just 46 rupees two years ago. You’ll find you can afford a little more once you’re out there, especially in local markets where delicious street food of dholl puri and chilli pineapple are already pennies. If you’re thinking of ticking a dream destination off the list, it’s an excellent time to travel here.


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