How your iPhone can Save your Life

All iPhones running the latest version of IOS have an amazing application that can literally save your life, yet hardly anyone knows it exists. There is also a free app available on Android phones that has the same life-saving feature. Here is the simple hack that will allow you to access this amazing feature, allowing emergency services or anyone responding to a situation where you are incapacitated, to help you.

How it works:

When you perform the hack the lock screen of your phone changes, allowing anyone to access your medical details by simply selecting the * Medical ID link in the bottom left hand corner. This will provide personal and medical details to that person, allowing them contact a loved one or pass that information on to the treating or attending medical staff.

How to activate:

If you select the default Health App on your home screen you will be taken to a details screen that allows you to enter as much or as little information as you think relevant. It is a good idea to add a picture, your name and an emergency contact number. This will allow someone in the event of an emergency to   you and contact someone on your behalf. There is also a separate section that will allow you to enter medical information including any pre-existing conditions or allergies.

So, spend 5 minutes now and update your medical details – it might just save your life!