Taurus Insurance Services Announces Partnership With Aston Lark (a Howden company) With The Launch Of Aston Lark Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance

Leading lifestyle insurance provider Taurus Insurance has partnered with Aston Lark, a leading insurance broker and Howden company, to offer its customers exceptional gadget protection for their devices.

The bespoke product range, created by the team at Taurus, has been designed to enable Aston Lark to easily integrate this specialised insurance into its offering both online and over the phone, and recognises the importance that mobile phones and gadgets hold in their customers’ daily lives in this increasingly connected world.

The flexible product set up works to cover a range of needs; from those looking to protect personal gadgets, through to businesses protecting company devices, against the key concerns of accidental damage, theft, and loss.

There are three policies to choose from, plus a range of excesses so Aston Lark’s customers can build a policy to suits their needs. They can choose between paying monthly or annually, and there’s also the ability to cover single devices or up to ten on a multi-gadget policy. For customers needing to protect more than ten, bespoke policies can be devised.

Policies are packed with features including immediate cover, 24/7 online claims, fast repairs and replacements, unlimited claims, as well as worldwide coverage so gadgets are protected both at home and abroad under one policy.

Jamie McCarthy, co-founder of Taurus Insurance, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be partnering with Aston Lark and to have fulfilled the requirement of providing an innovative, custom-fit gadget insurance solution that focusses on the needs of their customers, while also complementing their other products and services.”

Mark Daines, Private Client Director at Aston Lark, said, “We’re really pleased to be working with Taurus and to be able to provide our Clients with access to a fantastic insurance solution.”