Where To Head In April

April might just be the best time of year for finding exactly what you want from your trip: as spring begins to awaken, European city breaks entice, while further afield cherry blossoms bloom with beauty. It’s still possible to find ski resorts open for fun on the slopes, and the sun begins to heat up on the outskirts of Europe and further out to the east and to the west.

The Easter holidays mean some destinations are busy and pricey, but it also means you can catch spectacular once-a-year festivals and special events. As we all begin to look forward to summer, April is the sweet spot that looks ahead to sunnier days.

Here are our top choices for travel in April.

Crete, Greece

Crete offers a great way to see real Greece while still soaking in maximum sun. The southernmost of the Greek islands, it’s a respectable 20C in April. Most of the tourist resorts are located on the north coast of Crete, and they’ll be nice and quiet this month. Travel down to the south, and you’ll find an unspoilt and authentic Greece, where you can hike in the mountains and enjoy the local tavernas.

Best of all, in the smaller towns in April, it’s far from the sleepy, off-season atmosphere you might expect. The Easter festivals and feasts give visitors a unique chance to witness, and participate in, some traditional festivities – and to try some Grecian feasting foods you don’t normally get the chance to eat. Some of these celebrations go all out, and include fireworks and elaborate parades. It’s a wonderful local experience not many tourists get to see.

Florida, USA

It’s not called ‘the Sunshine State’ for nothing, and in April you can see temperatures in Florida reaching up to 28C, with pure blue skies and lots of those famous rays. It’s a mere nine hours from the UK to Florida – so easy to get to for a quick April break in the USA. April is the last month you can enjoy the waters of the Everglades before the mosquitos move in to keep you company – but you might want to forget about that and settle yourself in the vibrant beaches of Miami instead. Prices in the second half of the month are lower than in the first half. And unless you need to travel during school holidays, make sure you avoid the Easter break or things can get very busy.

Ambergris Caye, Belize

For such a small country, Belize has a lot to offer visitors, and in April you’ll find optimum conditions outside plus quieter streets and shores. Ambergris Caye is found at the north end of the Belize Barrier Reef, second only in size to Australia’s Barrier Reef. It’s incredible to see at any time, but in April conditions are just right. April is the last month before the tropical rains descend. It changes the atmosphere for Easter when visitors flock here for their last chance to make the most of dry conditions. Visit in late April and you have the perfect combination of excellent snorkelling, balmy weather, and few crowds.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As winter begins to leave the city of Amsterdam in April and spring arrives, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the famous tulips and flower gardens of this area. The Amsterdam Tulip Festival is one of those things you won’t see anywhere else or at any other time of year. The festival lasts all month, but your best chance of seeing the flowers in all their glory is in mid-April.

Tulips aren’t the only thing being celebrated in Amsterdam in April. On 27 April, the city turns orange when King’s Day arrives and transforms the streets and canals into one big party. Market stalls pop up and every business and boat is adorned with orange – so if you have something orange to wear you’ll fit right in. It’s around 11C in Amsterdam in April, so slightly chilly still, but it’s also only a four-hour train ride away from London, so a perfect weekend trip.

Yunnan, China

Although Japan is more famous for its pretty cherry blossom at this time of year, China has some equally beautiful floral displays that are more than worthy of a few Instagram reels. But if you’re looking for something a little more unusual and local in China, Yunnan holds a water splashing festival in April that you won’t come across anywhere else. From May to September, nature provides the rains here, and in April the people of Yunnan create their own. Walk through the streets, and you’re likely to find yourself the target of a water pistol or two as everyone splashes each other ­- some even throwing buckets of water over each other! The festivities continue on the canals and waterways. You won’t see many water fountains without locals in brightly coloured dress splashing around.


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