Where To head In December

Although most people choose to go on holiday in the summer months, December gives you more of a choice in how to spend your holiday. You can escape the cold and jet off somewhere hot for some winter sun, head to snowy landscapes for snow sports and Santa Claus, or travel to a city for cosy Christmas markets and mulled wine.

There are some bargains to be had in December, but the nearer you get to Christmas, the harder they are to find. To help you choose where to go, here’s where to head in December.

Kerala, India

The rainy season in Kerala lasts for half of the year, and finally eases in December. All that rain makes vegetation lush and green, and as the coconut palms sway in a gentle sea breeze, it feels like paradise. Temperatures rise to around 31C in this end-of-year month, so it’s a world away from the cold frosty days in Britain. Enjoy golden sandy beaches, aromatic spice plantations that supply colourful local restaurants, and watch the house boats float by on the backwaters. If you’re there at the end of December, Fort Kochi holds its yearly carnival in the last week of the month. This bright and vibrant celebration is an alternative to Christmas that’s packed with music, dancing, and local food, and all under the full warmth of the sun.

Berlin, Germany

You can find Christmas markets in every city in Germany, but in Berlin you get around 60 amazing Christmas markets along with all the other things the city has on offer – museums, galleries, historic buildings and an incredible food scene. Even the hippest bars and clubs take on more of a party vibe as everyone gets into festive mode and starts celebrating the season through the month. With temperatures around 4C, it’s frosty alright, but that only makes it more atmospheric.

Prague, Czech Republic

To our mind, Prague wins first prize for looking most Christmassy at Christmas. Benefitting from its magnificent castle as the backdrop, Prague streets take on a gothic winter atmosphere that’s fitting for the home of King Wenceslas. With the frosty air circling, it almost feels lost in time, and the streets appear the same as they would have been when the King lived in the city. The nearer you get to Christmas the busier it gets here, as everyone arrives to sample traditional Christmas markets and to see the lamplighter traverse from gas lamp to gas lamp on Charles Bridge, lighting up the night time in authentic beauty. At around 4C it’s cold in Prague in December, but the city’s cosy restaurants and bars have plenty to warm you up.


If you really want to get into the spirit of the season, why not go somewhere really snowy and extremely cold? If you’re wondering why anyone would choose this, Antarctica has some draws you simply can’t find anywhere else, making it a unique trip. This is when you’ll see penguins waddling around, their chicks hatching, dolphins leaping in the water, and also humpback whales nosing around the ice banks. In December Antarctica has around 20 hours of daylight per day, so you can be out exploring for much longer than you can at other times of the year.

Luang Prabang, Laos

As Southeast Asia’s only landlocked country, Laos isn’t an obvious choice for a holiday. So while most people head to Thailand at this time of year, Laos is the perfect calmer alternative. Luang Prabang was once the royal capital of this country and it shows in its temples and the sheer majesty of the place. With temperatures reaching up to 30C and very little rainfall, it’s a great place to visit to escape the cold and dark of December. Take a river cruise along the Mekong River and discover the beauty of Laos from the water. There’s a gentle, laidback place in December, so you can visit the temples in relative peace, without the crowds.

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