Where To Head In October

Deep into ‘shoulder season’, there’s plenty to love about heading away in October. It’s well after the summer rush. And as the weather cools and the nights get shorter at home, it’s a chance to chase the sun somewhere fun – but you don’t need to travel too far away if you don’t want to.

The off-season means that it’s much cheaper too, though the October half-term is a great opportunity for those with little ones to take a break. And with Hallowe’en at the end of the month, it’s a chance to get spooky for those who revel in the annual event. Here are our top choices for an October jaunt.

Detroit, USA

In between New York and Chicago, Detroit is an oft-forgotten major city – but it shouldn’t be! It’s a huge sports hub with major baseball, basketball and American football teams, as well as a huge automotive history. It’s where Henry Ford first began mass producing cars – his efficiencies on the factory floor meant they became accessible to everyone. You can visit the first Ford factory or find out all about the history of cars at The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. The weather is similar enough to the UK, so expect a gentle autumn landscape to greet you. Also don’t forget to try a Detroit pizza: a rectangle-shaped pizza where they cheese is layered before the tomato sauce, to keep the crust crusty.

Alba, Italy

It’s an acquired taste, but plenty of people adore the speciality food of white truffles – not least because they’re so rare. October in Alba, a town in the Piedmont region, offers a great chance for truffle fans to indulge, as white truffles come into season. There’s nothing like the thrill of joining a truffle hunt, where a well-trained dog or pig will run around a forest and sniff out these precious nuggets from the ground. And if you get to enjoy the results of the day on a pizza or on top of pasta, well, isn’t that just magic? From mid-October, Alba also hosts a white truffle fair every weekend. Here, you can enjoy the produce of the truffle-rich region without the toil. It’s a short journey from Genoa, so easily accessible from the UK.

Cancun, Mexico

There’s nowhere that does Hallowe’en like Mexico. With temperatures somewhere in the high 20s and hurricane season coming to an end, you may want to combine a Hallowe’en trick with the treat of a beach – and Cancun is the perfect place for it. After a day lounging around their beautiful beaches and enjoying the clear, warm waters, join in the fun of Die de Muertos (Day of the Dead). In Mexico, it’s traditionally celebrated on November 1 and 2, but you’ll find the traditional face paints, costumes and paraphernalia well before November.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv has come into its own as a tourist destination this last decade, with an unparalleled nightlife scene and an exciting foodie scene that mixes Middle Eastern and western flavours in the most delicious of ways. October is a fine time to go. The temperatures – ranging in the 20s – will be a welcome break from the chill of the UK. And when it’s quieter, it’s an ideal time to explore its ancient history, including Nazareth, the place of Jesus’s birth. It’s a two hour bus ride away from Tel Aviv, so very doable. October is also when many events in the Jewish calendar take place – so a heads up that shops and establishments may be closed during this time.

Berlin, Germany

Germany’s capital is always a delight to visit – it’s easy to be enamoured with a city that has excellent public transport and many faces, from the shiny financial capital to the ultra-hip area of Kreuzberg in East Berlin, to stunning historical buildings like the Brandenburg Gate. In October, there’s an extra reason to head over: The Festival of Lights takes place from 6th to 15th October and eases us into the dark of the winter by illuminating the night skies and streets. This year’s theme is ‘Colours of Life’. You’ll find light-art installations across the capital’s neighbourhoods as well as major sights like the Berlin TV Tower, the Berlin Cathedral and Bebelplatz.


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