15 Essential Tech Hacks to Nail Festival Season

While we like to pretend that we enjoy the rugged outdoors, being gadget-free and embracing all that nature has to offer, sometimes, tech can help you out of some sticky situations; particularly when it comes to festivals.

These 15 essential tech hacks will cover each of the most irritating occurrences that festival season has to offer. Whether it’s peeing in a Portaloo in the pitch black, losing your car among the masses or being devoid of signal the whole time, we’ve got you covered.

How does it work?

In the below graphic, we guide you through each stage of your festival journey and aid you with an appropriate tech hack. Take a look at our 3D map and pinpoint the parts that bother you the most, then, scroll down for the appropriate tip.

Just so you know what you’re looking for, we’ve grouped our tips into main categories. So, here goes:

Losing things and people

One of the most irritating festival occurrences is losing your friends and/or your possessions. Not many people know that you can download apps that both boost your signal and allow you to chat with no signal/internet at all.

Losing your car is also a regular occurrence. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack as thousands of festival-goers leave the grounds at once and flock to the packed car parks. It also doesn’t help if you are exhausted and too bleary eyed to think straight. But, one simple hack can solve all of your parking problems.

Find out which apps to download below.

Phone battery

Now that so many people have smartphones, battery issues are one of the biggest bare bugs. It’s particularly irritating if you want to take pictures and videos with your friends but you know that your battery needs to last an entire weekend (yeah right!).

Below you will find some nifty little battery saving hacks that will pleasantly surprise you. Whether it’s avoiding those long queues or keeping your phone nice and cosy, these tips will preserve that healthy percentage figure, and won’t put a huge dent in your bank account!

Music/experience related

This is a category people tend to neglect until they arrive and realise that this is all about music, after all. We thought about how you can avoid being that annoying person that holds their iPad aloft to get some decent footage, how you can keep track f when your favourite acts are on, and how you can make sure your phone storage doesn’t let you down on the big day.

Health and wellbeing

Last but certainly not least, in fact, this is the most important section, it’s all about keeping healthy and happy. Whether it’s making sure you stay sufficiently hydrated, making sure you avoid any potential Portaloo mishaps, or making sure your friends know exactly where you are, keeping yourself safe is key. Tech can really help you in these sticky situations and it’s time we started utilising it!

Don’t forget, you can also check out our research on festival gadget thefts across the UK. It’s always good to prepare, as you’ll want to have the best weekend possible and avoid any nasty surprises!


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