Gadget Trends Of 2022

Another year, another plethora of solutions to problems we never realised we had. The world may have started moving in smaller circles since the pandemic hit, and is set to do so for some time to come as we face new variants, but that hasn’t halted the creation of new gadgets to satisfy even the most technologically adverse among us.

Global supply issues may make it harder for us to get hold of certain things in the not too distant future, like anything that uses microchipping technology. But there are plenty of other items for those with the cash to splash in the meantime.

From smart kitchen gadgets to revolutionary ventilation systems and air charging, here are the trends to watch out for in 2022.

Remote working gadgets

Working from home is back again and is likely to keep returning while scientists repeatedly attempt to wrestle the novel coronavirus under control. Coupled with more flexible working arrangements, the home office set-up is here to stay, and the design-conscious market for it is set to continue growing at some pace. Think special lighting and software that works to boost your productivity and concentration, technology for improving the quality of your video calls, intelligent speakers, and even smart ventilation systems to make sure you’re getting as much fresh air as possible while minimising the dreaded exposure to the virus.

Air charging

2021 saw something of a revolution in the mobile phone charging sector. Gone were the fiddly charging heads, cumbersome portable batteries and tangle of wires, to be replaced instead by charging pads. All you had to do was plug it in, sit your phone on top, and it would fill your battery up in no time. We even saw the invention of charging stations for bedside tables, that allowed multiple devices like AirPods and Fitbits to be charged at once. Well, now the technology has gone one step further, and come up with air charging. No need for your phone to touch anything, simply walk into a room with the gadget, and it will charge as you carry it.

Sensor technology

Robot hoovers have been a hot must have for some time, scaring dogs and cats as they make their way around rooms sucking up dirt without the need of human interaction. But sensor tech is set to be expand in 2022, with experts taking light and heat sensors to a whole new level with gadgets that can learn to distinguish between individual people, recognise their behavioural patterns and adjust themselves accordingly. Security systems in particular could be enhanced by this technology, by recognising intruders from those it is programmed to allow access to and flagging it to those in charge of security.

Touchless doorbells

Even answering the door could be a thing of the past, which could be a real life saver for those who need social care, such as the elderly or disabled. We already have video technology that allows those inside the house to see who is at the door and press a button to let them in, but this goes one step further. Using motion and proximity sensors, it will chime as soon as it detects someone is at the door, meaning they won’t even have to press it for you to know that they are there. Coupled with smart sensor and security equipment, it quickly becomes a useful device to let people into the building remotely.

Smart kitchens

Who knew you even needed a microwave with a camera built into it so you can check the progress of your recipe from anywhere else in the house – and even outside the home? Smart kitchen appliances are going to be big in 2022, making even the simplest of activities even easier than you ever thought possible. As well as smart cookers, expect to see AI coffee machines you can programme to make you the perfect barista-standard cappuccino. And bathrooms are getting just as clever. Showers that use pre-programmed settings to recognise the person under them and adjust heat accordingly are going to become a thing, as will self-pouring baths, self-heating sinks and self-cleaning toilets. This technology isn’t cheap, so it’s unlikely to become a mainstay of the average home in 2022, but it will likely become an aspirational interior feature imminently.

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