Top Dreamy Destinations

With UK travel restrictions no more, and the rest of the world opening their borders largely as normal, we all know what that means: the return of the far-flung dream holiday.

Whether that means tropical paradise or serene cultural experiences, it’s become clear that there’s no time like the present to turn dreams into a reality.

For some heady travel inspo, here are the Switched On team’s top suggestions if you’re looking to sate your wanderlust in the coming months.


It’s the postcard-perfect tropical destination that sun-worshippers would have been dreaming of while locked down. There’s never been a better time to visit – new resorts are opening up that cater to less-than-extravagant budgets, and already vaccinated travellers need only show proof of their vaccination status to get in. When there, snorkelling is an absolute must – pick the right resort and you’ll spot parrot fish, manta rays, reef sharks and vibrant corals right on your doorstep of your overwater villa. Or if that’s too active, lap up the luxury with a cocktail during sunset. The dusky oranges and pinks of the sky are spectacular above crystal-clear turquoise waters – it’s the stuff of Instagrammers’ dreams.

Puerto Rico

If your heart is set on a Caribbean break, you might want to bear in mind that after destructive hurricanes and economic strife even before the drama of the last two years, Puerto Rico is happily back on its feet and welcoming visitors. There’s so much to enjoy about the place too – it’s culturally rich, is doing great things on the culinary front, and it’s also world-famous for its bioluminescent waters. Head on down to Mosquito Bay to see this spectacular phenomenon in action – it’s once-in-a-lifetime stuff. The island is also blessed with expansive cave systems, dramatic cloud rainforests and natural pools, making its landscape wildly different to the one we have at home.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

For a moment of calm, Halong Bay is just what the doctor ordered. It’s easily accessible from the northern city of Hanoi, a humid rush of markets, temples, motorbikes and street food joints with some of the world’s most flavoursome dishes (it’s where Anthony Bourdain dined with Barack Obama, lest we forget).  But just three hours away by shuttle bus, you’ll find quietude within the cluster of towering lush islands and emerald green waters. Stay a few nights onboard a cruise ship to explore the bay by cave, kayak and hikes. Once restored, your batteries will once again be ready for the action of the big city.

Aqaba, Jordan

For seekers of sun, sea and vibrant coral reef, you won’t get better quality any nearer than Aqaba. While the Red Sea is a diver’s dream, there are plenty of inland adventures to see while in Aqaba, like the sand dunes of Wadi Rum, and Petra, the jewel in Jordan’s crown. This ancient city was brought to global attention as a key location in Indiana Jones, and has since gone on to wow visitors with its rose-pink stone buildings with intricate carvings dating from around 300BC.

Costa Rica

For nature lovers, Costa Rica is nothing less than heaven on earth. The various climates in this central American destination means you’ll get all manner of ecosystems within the one country, and all the wildlife that goes with each. From the coastal edges that are popular with surfers and the bohemian, to the central cloud forest of Monte Verde, to its five active volcanos along with scores of dormant ones, there’s a constant vista of natural wonders to see, one after the other. Keep your eyes peeled for the beady-eyed glass frogs, the mascot of Costa Rica.


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