A question that we often get asked is “Why do I need gadget insurance?”, or sometimes “it is covered by my bank or my home insurance isn’t it?”.

There are many reasons why you need gadget insurance and many reasons why you should consider standalone gadget insurance, as opposed to added value insurance products that come with credit cards or bank accounts. Firstly, your gadgets are valuable. New smartphones cost around £800, and the unbundling of mobile contracts is making this cost more obvious. That is a lot of money and is something that is worth protecting in the event the device is lost or stolen. It is just as important that you can get your device professionally fixed if it is damaged – It amazes us the amount of people who are happy to get their screen replaced using non-genuine parts, by non-accredited repairers on the high street. Your entire life is on that phone, yet we are happy to hand it over to a stranger, who has total access to it.

Insurance that is sold by retailers, banks and credit cards is under huge scrutiny. How do you know if the insurance is relevant to you and your technology if you are not in possession of all the relevant information at point of purchase? The reason these products are added to other products is because they are cheap. There is usually a reason why these products are cheap. Please ensure that they provide the appropriate cover you need, and that the terms and conditions are fair and appropriate.

Home insurance can also cover gadgets, however often this is a cash sum, that does not necessarily help you get the device fixed quickly and effectively. These policies sometimes will not cover the full value of replacing the device, can have claim limits and sometimes exclude travelling abroad. The excesses could also be higher and usually any claim will affect your No Claims Discount.

We at SwitchedOnInsurance are gadget insurance experts. It’s all we do! Our products are great value, of high quality and will provide you with all the protection you need.