Switched On Insurance Launches Mobile Phone Insurance In Australia

Switched On Insurance, one of the UK’s leading providers of Gadget Insurance, is proud to announce the launch of its Mobile Phone Insurance in Australia.

The innovative insurance offering provides cover for any make of mobile phone up to the age of six months old and is designed to provide peace of mind to phone owners by covering the cost of repair or replacement of their devices.

To enable customers to choose the policy that best matches their needs, there’s two cover levels to choose from. Standard cover protects against common risks such as accidental damage, liquid damage and cracked screens, whilst the company’s Premium policy adds cover for theft too.

“We are delighted to launch our latest insurance product in Australia,” said James Cottrell, Switched On Insurance’s managing director. “Our Mobile Phone Insurance offers comprehensive coverage and flexibility to meet the needs of phone owners who want to protect their valuable devices and have comfort in the knowledge that should the worst occur we’ll be there to sort out the issue whether that’s sorting out a repair or providing a replacement.”

The insurance includes several features and benefits, such as immediate protection, worldwide cover, flexible payments, and unlimited claims. The policy is available to all Australian residents, and policyholders can manage their policies online through a user-friendly account. There are also specialist teams available to help with claims and policy queries.

“We believe that our mobile phone insurance is a game-changer in the Australian insurance market as it offers phone owners an easy to buy, comprehensive and affordable policy to protect their devices.”

More information about Switched On’s Mobile Phone Insurance is available via the company’s website www.switchedoninsurance.com.au, where customers can also get a quote and purchase the policy in just a few minutes.