The Best New Travel Gadgets For Spring 2022

While it’s hoped that travel this year will be a lot easier, thanks to the continued lightening of COVID-19 related travel rules and regs, a whole range of new travel gadgets have recently entered the market that should also play their part in helping make our lives easier when we’re on our overseas adventures.

Here’s our pick of the best new releases that no suitcase should be without this year. And remember, our picks are made independently. We don’t get commission – just the satisfaction of helping well-equipped travellers.

goTenna Mesh, £150

If you’re planning to venture off-grid at any point during your trip, stay safe and connected with these lightweight and stylish devices. The goTenna Mesh pairs with your smartphone to send text messages and GPS locations without the need of wi-fi connections or cell coverage. They work with any iOS or Android smartphone, and boast a decent 24-hour battery life. Micro USB charging cables come included in the package too, so adventurers can juice it up as they go. Highly recommended for those off trekking, skiing, climbing, and any other off-road activities you might find yourself getting up to.

Wacaco Minipresso GR, £56.90

Caffeine addicts can give themselves the gift of excellent coffee on the go with the Wacaco Minipresso, a portable espresso maker that works without the need for batteries or electricity. Compact and lightweight, it works with any coffee. Just add your grounds to the filter basket with the scoop and around 50ml of boiling water for the perfect cup.

Luminaid Packlite Max Phone Charger, £69.99

If you’re heading off into the wilderness, camping, or even taking a night time boat ride out on a lake, the Luminaid Packlite Max Phone Charger is a pretty handy bit of kit to take with you. It doubles up as a waterproof lantern providing up to 50 hours of light and a charger for your phone. The battery pack charges itself one of two ways: through solar energy or when that’s not available, via a mains supply. It also floats and is waterproof, so ideal for multiple terrains and tricky weather.

Grayl Ultralight Compact Water Purifier, £63.95

No matter where you go in the world, one thing you’ll always need with you is clean drinking water. This super lightweight purifier bottle, which is no bigger than a standard water bottle, allows you to access just that, no matter how dirty the supply may seem. All you have to do is lower the container into your water source, fill it up, turn the filter on and press it down. The water is cleared of all micro-particles and suspended matter, while viruses, bacteria and other nasties are completely neutralised. The filter works 300 times over before you need to replace it, and all the parts are food safe and BPA free. It might seem like a spend, but we think it’s well worth the investment – especially if you plan on travelling off the beaten track. Take a look here.

JYDMIX Universal Power Adapter, 19.99

No seasoned traveller would dare set foot out of the door without a power adaptor of some kind, and this sleek new model by JYDMIX is one of the best travel charging accessories on the market. It boasts a universal adaptor that will fit plug sockets for your appliances in over 200 countries, and three different USB ports for your other gadgets. Most modern adaptors only have two, so this is ideal for those with Kindles, phones, battery packs and other halves who have the same.

GoPro Hero9 digital camera, £329.98

Capture every moment of your journey through land, sea and sky on this new super steady camera by GoPro. It features an easy-to-use touch screen display, with timewarp, timelapse and hyperlapse functions all built in, so you can set up your shot and get in front of the lens in time for the ultimate snap. It has a voice activated control, which is particularly useful if you can’t find anyone to help you take your photo, and is waterproof too, for any under-the-water scenes you may wish to capture.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal, £69.98

If you can’t fork out for a GoPro, then getting a decent gimbal is the best way to keep your videos and photos straight and stable. The DJI Osmo is designed especially for smartphones, and allows you to film videos of a higher quality wherever you are in the world. It comes with an app too, to help you edit your footage on the move, and allows you to shoot time-lapses. It comes with a standard tripod mounting hole, which you can attach to any stand. The ActiveTrack function on the app also allows you to set a target that the gimbal will then follow to give you super smooth and clear footage of what you want.


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