Where To Head In August

School’s out in August, so of course it’s time to head off on holiday! This does mean traditional holiday spots will be busy and expensive, but it also means you have the widest choice of where to go and what to do.

Whether you want to bask in that high summer sun on the beach, roam around the mountains, or wander city streets, August can serve it up for you. Here’s our pick of where to go in this highest of high seasons.

Riga, Latvia

Holidaying in August can be costly, but there are some appealing destinations that won’t drain your purse. Riga is Latvia’s capital and is full of history, beautiful architecture and things to see and do – and it’s also one of the most reasonably priced European cities you’ll find. August is a great time to visit, as this is the month festivals begin and pop-up events sprout up all over town. Perennial attractions like the KGB Museum are certainly worth your time too. Temperatures are comfortable at around 20C, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to escape the baking heat of the summer.

Matera, Italy

This ‘city of stone’ is found in the Basilicata region in southern Italy, and is one of the most unusual and beautiful cities in the country. Despite this, Matera was once known for being one of the poorest cities in Italy and not a place anyone would want to visit. But all that has changed. It 2019 it was awarded city of culture, and today, this rocky mountain city is a draw for tourist wanting to see historical sites and perhaps one of the quirkiest places people live in the whole country. If you’re looking at travelling to Italy in August, Matera makes a great destination as the caves and stone buildings keep it cool and offer plenty of shade. If you want to sunbathe there’s plenty of opportunities, but there’s so much to discover here you won’t stay still for long.

Seattle, USA

The rainy city has the potential for drizzle at any time of year, but in August the odds are much lower and you’re more likely to find fine weather and temperatures of around 22C. Because of this, August is when most locals take advantage of the chance to get out and go hiking, fishing, and canoeing. The city has a real outdoorsy spirt to it in August and you’ll find people dining and drinking al fresco – something that’s often impossible most of the year. Seattle is also foodie’s favourite destination, and in August this focus reaches a peak, with beer, wine, and food truck festivals, plus outdoor markets popping up all over town.

Medellin, Colombia

Known as the city of eternal springtime, Medellin’s temperatures are pretty stable all year round. What does change is the amount of rain you can expect, and the city is at its driest in August. Perfectly positioned for good weather and colourful displays, August is the month you’ll find the city’s flower festival in bloom. The festival lasts for ten days and is a celebration of nature in all forms, though mostly the country’s stunning flowers. There are plenty of fringe events too, including concerts and light displays, workshops and parades. In August locals will be out hiking and horse riding, and it’s a great opportunity to join in and live like a Medellinian for a while.

Le Morne, Mauritius

August officially marks the end of winter in Mauritius. If you’re looking for that famous Mauritian sizzling heat, you might want to wait a few weeks, but if you like it warm and quiet, August is the perfect ‘shoulder month’ to visit. The temperatures reach 25C and there’s little rain or humidity. August is also the ideal time for hiking, as it’s when Mauritius enjoys good weather but it’s not so hot you don’t want to move. Plus the beaches are relatively empty, so sun bathers will love it. Within this Indian Ocean island, the stunning white sands of Le Morne and its dramatic rocky island peak peninsula provide an environment you might never want to leave. Enjoy seafood with incredible views and breathe in the quiet before the bulk of the tourists arrive.


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